Transition From Crib to Bed

Babies are the prettiest as well as very much delicate to handle. That’s why Parents need to be very careful during transition of the babies from crib to bed. Parents should always give priority to the baby’s safety and comfort and the baby should not face any difficulty during this procedure. If the baby is hurt during this transition, it may cause the baby to suffer in the long run.

Tips to make the transition from crib to bed easy

  • Evaluating the readiness: It’s alluring to move a toddler from a crib to a large bed when the baby turns 2. But many toddlers may not be ready for the transition until the closure of 3. Toddlers may find them comfortable in their crib. In that case it is not wise to make the transition when the baby is not ready. The ideal time for the transition is when the child asks for it. If the child is comfortable in its crib, it’s better not to make any change.
  • Shop together: Shifting from the safe and comfortable crib to the new large of the bed is not that easy for a child. It is wise to let your child to participate in this transition by allowing him to choose the bed as well as the bedding.
  • Placement: continuity is essential while making any big transition. You should place the bed in the same place of the crib. Changing everything can cause stress for some toddlers. That’s why keep the as it is.
  • Comfort items: The baby may choose his bed as well as bedding item but It may happen that he will want his old comfortable goods around him. So the blanket, stuffed toy he had in his crib should be around his bed so that he finds his bed comfortable enough.
  • Safety items: The bed must have rails on both sides even if the bed is pushed against wall. Because sometimes the baby may get stuck in between the wall and the bed.
  • Lights: The baby may get afraid of his new bed. In that case arrangement of soft light in the shape of star, flower, butterfly will help the baby to feel at home.
  • Books: Colourful story books having pictures is a smart way to pacify a child. The bed should have enough space for the books. Colourful books will keep the baby cheerful and help to get adjusted in his new bed.

When to switch from crib to bed

Usually parents find it perfect time for switching from crib to bed when the baby is of 18-24 months. Sometimes the baby may be found to be too much attached to his crib. In that case parents should wait for the baby’s being 36 months old. Moreover the baby itself knows the time when to switch. But the transition must be done before the baby can come out of crib by itself and hurt itself.

Do’s to be followed for transition

  • Time it right
  • Make a good deal about the transition when your baby is ready
  • Establish sleep rules
  • Time bedtime accurately
  • Have a plan if your child escapes

Making the transition comfortable for the baby

When the baby sleeps in the crib, it is safe for him as there is no chance of falling from crib. As the baby is shifted to bed from his crib, some safety measures should be taken for baby. The bed should have similar types of goods that will help him to get habituated with his new bed. Arrangement of room should remain like before with a view to make the baby feel at home.

Things to be avoided after transition

  • Sleeping in couch taking the baby in arm is to be avoided
  • Don’t put off sleep training while your baby is teething
  • Don’t allow your baby to sleep in car seat
  • Don’t share room after six months

Cautious measures taken after transition to toddler bed

For toddlers sleeping in a bed is one of the milestones. It is an exciting leap for them from child to big kid. Care should be taken that the baby doesn’t fall from bed. Moreover bedding should be congenial to the baby’s skin. If the bed is made of wood or stainless steel then care should be taken that the baby doesn’t get hurt from them. The fabric of bed sheet should be of good quality to keep the baby free from skin diseases.

Adjustment procedure after transition to the bed

After all the necessary steps are taken, here comes the question of baby’s adjustment in the new bed. Though it is not that easy but with sufficient training and empathy of parents it can be achieved within short span of time.

  • Sleep training: Training the baby to sleep at a particular time, at a particular place makes a sound sleeping habit. In bed baby may have the tendency of showing tantrums in the beginning. This is to be handled with patience. 
  • Parent’s cooperation: Baby may face some difficulties in the new bed as he will come to a new place leaving his comfort zone behind. Parents should take all necessary steps so that the baby is safe and comfortable. Care should be taken that the baby never feels fish out of the water. In all situation parents need to be patient and sympathetic towards the baby.


Babies are too much adorable creature. Their transition from crib to bed lead them one step closer to the phase of big kid. They enter into the family’s main stream after this transition. So there should not be any lacking to make their transition easy, comfortable, safe and exciting. There should be cooperation from family members to help the baby adjust in his new bed. Annoyed behaviour towards the baby is totally prohibited in this case.

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