Trail Boss Axe

The axe is used a million times for creating shapes, cutting wood. It is also used to harvest timber. There are many types of axes available in the market. Our company Cold steel is offering you one of the best axes in the market. We the cold steel brand designed a new axe named Trail Boss Axe. It’s durable, handy, affordable, smooth, sturdy and powerful.

It is a very balanced axe, has a very classic look and can easily handle whatever the task is small or large. Trail Boss Axe is friendly with your work. It is easy to use and you can complete your task smoothly. You can carry it all day long and it doesn’t slip from your hand when you are working. Let’s discuss shortly about the features of Trail Boss Axe.

  • It has a narrow and thick head with 4inch blade and a 4 and half inches cutting edge. This style is like a fully European feature.
  • It takes a big bite every swing. Can cut easily both small and large logs in a single strike.
  • This axe is very much comfortable and is a long-lasting product. So, our team can ensure a long-term warranty.
  • It is included with American Hickory handle that is very sturdy, durable and straight-grained.
  • Total weight of Trail Boss Axe is around 2lb 9.5 oz. The weight of this axe is really light. That makes the axe is different from others.
  • The cold Steel team use Drop Forged 1055 carbon steel in Trail Boss Axe.
  • Overall height is about 27 inches.
  • The axe was tested through chop kindling, clear roads and trails, build blinds. It was tested to chop down fail sized tree.
  • It’s really sharp to use.
  • It’s has an affordable low cost and strong power together.

The users who bought this product give an excellent review of it. They are very pleased with the features and impressed with the smoothness of this axe. They reviewed that they completed many hard tasks easily with the help of Trail Boss Axe. We are the Cold Steel team members really very happy to serve our customers what they actually want.

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