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Babies are the cutest and most precious creatures. Babies always require special nurture and care. For this reason, up to a certain period, babies are kept together with their parents. Not in the same bed rather in the same room. Sometimes babies need midnight breastfeeding or to change their diapers. For these essential needs, babies are kept in the same room with their parents.

According to specialists, after the age of one year, you can keep your baby in a separate room. But till then you have to keep them in your room. Sharing the same room with babies reduces the risk of ‘Sudden Infant Death Syndrome’ (SIDS) up to fifty percent. So you need to make a nursery space or room for your baby in your living room.

Here we will discuss the ideas about how you should make room for baby nursing in your living room.

Ideas for a baby room:

You may look for cute, creative, and genius baby room ideas. But the most important thing you need is safety for your child. Here we present the best ideas for your house to make the whole house baby-proofed:

Get rid of clutter at your home:

Before you bring your newborn at home, you need to check out the rooms, closets, and furniture of your house. Remove which are required to be discarded. Create space for your baby and its essentials.

Keep your baby registry simple:

If you plan for a baby shower, make it small and simple. Request the guests to avoid bringing a lot of baby items to save space. Do not feel regretful to sell, donate, or return any gift that takes too much of your space.

Make a corner for nursing your baby in the master bedroom:

Before the first year, your baby does not require a separate room for it. Just take a corner of your bedroom, place a little crib or a bassinet, and separate it by a curtain. This is the nursery space for your baby.

Turn the closet into a nursery:

If you do not have enough space in your bedroom, then just convert your closet to a nursery. It may seem awkward but it is so effective. Just remove the doors and shelves of your closet, place a crib for your kid, customize some small racks as you need those for storing the diapers and clothes. This is an easy go nursery for your kiddo.

Avoid oversized furniture:

Using furniture larger than required is just a misuse of space. Use a properly sized crib for your infant to save space. The space you misuse by oversized furniture can be used for other furniture.

Use the vertical space for storing nursery items:

Using walls as space is a must. Customize some shelves and racks to the wall. Store the nursing items like diapers, changing clothes, etc there.

You can use a hammock for the toys:

Make available your floor space, closet space, and dress up space. Baby toys are essentials but do not misplace those in your closet or any other required space. Just hang a hammock and store toys there.

Wait to purchase nonessential baby equipment:

Ignore the gadgets your baby doesn’t require for the first few months like walkers or food processors. Buying these earlier may misuse your room space.

Go for multi-use furniture:

Using multi-use furniture is a brilliant idea to save space in your house. Purchase a baby stroller that can be used as a baby car seat or a bassinet. Try to convert a dresser into a changing station for baby.

You may use an extra closet rod:

The spaces between two closet rods are designed for your dresses. But within this space, you can keep two dresses of your kids by adding another cabinet rod.

Utilize hidden space:

Rooms under your bed or kid’s cribs are very useful for storing goods. Use these spaces as storage. You may install some wicker baskets under your bed or baby’s crib to store diapers or other essentials.

Craft a crib bumper:

Make a long cushion and customize it around the interior of the crib. Your little one may get injured by a head thump on the sides of the crib.

Setup diaper station:

You can reuse a kitchen trolley or kitchen cart as a diaper station. Here you keep all the baby wipes, baby diapers, and other essential baby changing kits. As it is moveable it may be taken from one room to another where it is required.

Paint the nursery:

The corner which you are using as a nursery room or baby room should be painted. Colours affect the personality of your baby. You can use some warm, comforting, and cosy colours like orange, red or yellow. Kids like those very much

 Decorate baby’s room:

Decorating a baby’s room is a must. You may add some colourful balloons and banners. Hang some dream-catchers. Use colourful lights for the room.

Use a white noise machine:

A white noise machine is a very useful thing for your baby. It helps to make your baby asleep by comforting sound.

Use a humidifier:

A humidifier adds moisture to the room air and makes the air more breathable. It also allows your baby to sleep more comfortably.

Store the bathing essentials:

Babies need a very fresh bath regularly to become germ-free. Baby soaps, oils, shampoos are the basic requirements for a bath. Other than these, bathing toys are special for babies. Babies like to play with toys while bathing. So arrange some bathing toys too for them.

Make ready the paperwork:

Doing all these works, do not forget to make ready the important task that is paperwork. Keep track of the documents like birth certificate, social security card etc. of your baby.

A newborn baby brings joy and happiness to your house. It is your prime duty to take the best care of your child. The ideas discussed above show you what you should arrange to make a room for your baby. Following those instructions will assist you to take good care of your baby.

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