Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Kids enjoy outdoor games a lot which is also essential for their proper mental growth. But there may arise some hindrance in their outdoor games when it rains. In that case, parents should plan some rainy day activities for kids so that they remain busy. Kids are too much active. They can’t pass time being lazy. If they are supposed to stay at home on the rainy days, you should arrange something for the amusement of the kids. Necessary not that it should be an indoor game, it can be anything that your kid consider interesting. Make sure that you participate with your kid spontaneously.

Rainy day activities for kids at home

On a rainy day, your kid is left with only one option that is to stay at home. Your kid may get bored as he can’t go to the park for playing.  So it’s your responsibility to help your kid in spending time. Make some creative plans to entertain your kid. And respect your kid’s opinion in making the plan.

Some ways to spend a rainy day at home

  • Go for a family movie day: Choose a movie that will please your kid. To make the movie day more special by arranging some snacks along with coffee. Maybe your kid will like your theatre in your living room more than the actual theatre.
  • Family game: Try to go for an intellectual based game. Don’t go for video games or screen-based games as they may turn into an addiction. Let your kid enjoy the game and appreciate his attempt to win the game. You can try scrabble, monopoly, or any other board game.
  • Build a blanket fort: Help your kid a fort under the blanket and arrange all his toys inside the fort. Your kid will find his old toys interesting enough to play with them as the game pattern for him will be changed then.
  • Doggy scavenger hunt:  If you have a dog as your pet then includes it in your adventure. Hide some stuff used by the dog. Your kid may get the pleasure to see if the dog succeeds in finding the hidden stuff.
  • Cook with your kid: Instead of sitting idle, go to the kitchen having an assistant chef that is your kid. Make a favourite dish of your kid. Allow your kid to help you which will boost his confidence.
  • Hide and seek: This one is the favourite game of the kids. Try to become a bit creative in making the rules of the game. Like, let your kid sing a song instead of counting numbers or recite a poem. Use the whole house to hide to make it a bit difficult for your kid.
  • Dance Party: Dance party will help your Kid not only to remove the monotony but also to burn their calorie like physical exercise. Choose a kid song as it will be comfortable for your kid.
  • Good storybook: Read a storybook with your kid. You can choose a book from favourite series of your kid. Harry Potter series may be a nice choice for your kid. Allow your kid to place his opinion in choosing the book.
  • Painting: Try to make some painting with your kid. Let your kid decide on the painting.  You just help him to execute his plan about the painting.
  • Conversation: Talk to you and ask him about his friends,  schools,  study, and favourite items. Always remain updated about what is happening in his life.

Rainy day activities near home:

Rainy day activities are not confined within your house. You can visit some nearby locations with your kid to introduce him to nature if it is not raining cats and dogs. But if your kid tends to catch a cold frequently, then avoid this plan.

Some ways to spend the rainy day outside:

  • Visit a Museum: If it is only drizzling then why to get stuck inside the house. Do visit a nearby museum. Your kid will be able to gather huge knowledge about history.
  • Visit a restaurant: Take your kid to his favourite restaurant to have his favourite dish. Your kid will forget the grief of not playing in the park if he gets such a nice compensation.
  • Go for a long drive: Make your kid a part of your rainy day adventure. Take him for a long drive. Introduce him with nature. Let him enjoy the rain sitting in the car.
  • Indoor play spaces: Take your kid to an indoor play space or playground so that he can enjoy playing with his friends. This will cheer your kid up to a great extent.

Rainy day activities for toddlers

  • Play with cardboard boxes: Use cardboard boxes to create bus, train, aeroplane, or house. There is no particular way to build the bus, train, etc.
  • Shaving cream game: Spread shaving cream and add some food colour to it. Then put them in an old cloth and make it messy and then clean it too.
  • Bowl indoor: Pick one ball and play with it in such a way that it is comfortable for the toddler.
  • Make a necklace: Use a string and make something hanging from it. Now the necklace is ready for your baby. Let your baby do the maximum work as it is a great motor activity for your baby.
  • Balloon hockey: Blow up some balloons and hit them with a stick.
  • Play with cans: Arrange some cans and allow your baby to make a tower of the cans by placing one over another.


You can plan anything for your kid keeping his safety in mind. Don’t go for any game that may harm your kid. Try to plan something that will help him to develop intelligence and also helpful for mental growth. Try to stay at home if your kid easily catches a cold.

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