Kids’ room organization

This might be one of the most difficult jobs to keep children’s room organized. Kids pull things out as soon as you organize those. This is a real challenge to keep their things in the right place.

Kids like to play with toys. But after playing they do not put those at the right places anymore. It is your first and foremost duty to make habit of your child working with you while rearranging all the stuff. There are several ways to make these habits.

Involve your kid while organizing:

It is very important to work with them. Kids around 3 years are very curious in nature. They like to follow everything. If you take your kid with you while working, they will be habituated with organizing their things.

Make them understand the disadvantages of disorganization:

Try to explain why the should not let there toys and other things scattered here and there. Tell them if they scatter their toys and clothes, these may be lost. Also, make them understand that it looks like a mess if they do not organize their items. As kids are at the learning stage for up to 5 years, they would learn lessons and will be interested in the organization.

Make a routine :

Create a routine for your kids to organize their room. This might be like one day at week when they will organize their mess of the room.

Reward them:

Reward your kids when they organize their toys and clothes. All people like to get rewarded. These rewards can be like chocolates or ice-creams. These will make them interested in doing their task by themselves.

Influence them to donate:

A big reason to be a room messy is old clothes and old toys. These old pieces of stuff clutter up and make your room haphazard. Encourage your kids to donate their old, extra toys and clothes to the underprivileged kids who do not get opportunities. This will upgrade the moral of your children and also will help you to organize rooms.

Make yourself as an example :

Kids like to learn from examples. So try to present yourself as an example. Organize your stuff by yourself. Your kids will learn this habit by observing you. Kids always follow their parents. To be an idol to them.

Discussions above were about how you will make your kids habituated to organize their goods. Now let me introduce some effective room furniture that will help to kid’s room much more comfortable and less messy. Let me share some storage ideas that really help to organize your little one’s room.

Book ledges:

Book ledges are a very stylish storage system that is easily reachable to children and also looks at the wall of the room very stylish. It allows your kids to find their favourite books easily.


Shelves are great storage facilities for any rooms. You can personalize the shelves with your kid’s favourite colours. Add some hooks also so that they can hang their bags, necklaces, etc.

Craft station:

As soon as your children grow, they would be attracted to creative arts like crafts, drawing, etc. These need colour pencils, crayons, colour brushes. These may make a huge mess in their room. Make a craft station with bins beneath their art desk. This will make things organized more.

Handy hooks:

Hooks can be very helpful to organize your kid’s room. Some day to day using goods like a backpack, necklace, raincoat, umbrella etc. can be easily hung from these hooks.


Use hangers to hang clothes. This makes your kids choose their dresses more easily. And they will grow a habit of hang clothes to the hanger instead of spreading here and there.

Floating bins:

These bins are attached to the wall of the room. Kids can use these for storing their toys or teddies. Floating bins use the vertical space if the room. That’s why if the room is even smaller, there is no storage problem.

Loft beds:

Loft beds are great storage savers. These come with a great space beneath. Under the bed, there are shelves and drawers to store anything.

Kid-friendly closet:

Closets are a great storage idea. Any kind of goods can be a store here. But there is one problem. The closets with doors could be dangerous for kids as their little fingers may be stuck between door space. So forget the doors. You may use curtains in exchange for doors which will be easier for children to open.

Storage baskets:

Baskets are very much versatile storage idea. You can store anything here you want. These are easily moveable also. Choose colourful baskets for your kids as they love those.

Use back of your doors:

Do not leave your doors. The back of the doors is potential storage spaces. Hang tote bags behind your doors. You can store dolls, building blocks, puzzles in different bags. Add labels to the bags. This will be helpful for your kids to find out what they need.

Magnetic board:

Hang a magnetic board to your kid’s room. They will attach their metallic toys like toy guns or small cars. This is an easy solution for storage problems.

Peg board:

Peg board is a great versatile storage idea. You can customize the peg board by adding shelves or hooks. Your kids will love this to keep their teddies or toys.

Bins inside the drawers:

A drawer or dresser does not only mean to store clothes and dresses. You can customize by adding small bins in a drawer. This will help you to separate your kid’s favourite toys, blocks, puzzle etc.

This is always a difficult task to organize kids’ rooms as they have a huge collection of toys, books, colour pens etc. But above-mentioned ideas will be a great help for you if you can implement those. At the same time make your child have the habit of organizing. Create examples, make routines, and give rewards when they organize their room. These will interest them in keep their room neat, clean, and well organized.

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