Kid’s loft bed

Do you have a space problem with your house? Is your kid’s room is unorganized? Is it smaller in size? Well, then you will get a good solution from us. You should use a loft bed to save and use the whole of the space.

Loft beds are a better solution for smaller rooms. It allows extra storage space, play space, and potential space for sleepover also. It also might be great fun for your kids.

What is a loft bed?

A loft bed is a kind of bunk bed in which the bed is elevated higher and the underneath space is free which one can use as storage, to keep a desk, to make a play space for kids, or to use even as a workplace.

It is supported at four corners by four poles and a bit higher from the surface. There is a ladder to go to the upper bed and there is a railing around the bed to prevent fall out.

Loft beds are a great solution for small rooms. It uses the whole vertical space of the rooms which normally remains unused.

How will you know if a loft bed is suitable for your kid?

Loft beds are very useful furniture. These make the space more organized. These use more space even where the room is smaller. Kids just love it as it allows play space. There are certain criteria on which you should decide whether you will purchase a loft bed for your kid or not.

  • Age and Maturity: Loft beds are not suitable for children under 5 or 6 years old. This is because kids under this age limit would not able to climb to the higher bed through the ladder. There may be an accident. Sons do not allow any kid less than 5 years to sleep in a loft bed.

There needs maturity of your kid also. If kids do not understand that a higher loft bed is not a place to play, it is only used for sleep then they should not use loft beds. They should be cautious enough while using the ladder.

  • Ceiling height: The height of the ceiling of a room is a very important factor to remember. There must be 33 to 36 inches space between the ceiling and the top of the loft bed.

This space is required for the safety of kids. This requires the total height of room about 100 inches. If the height of the room is less, in that case, you need to customize the bed according to the height of the ceiling and height of your kid.

  • Use according to your needs: Use the space beneath the bed according to your needs. Generally, this space is used for the study desk of kids. But you can also use storage purposes. Or your kids can play with their toys by making a tent. This space is usable according to your needs. You will decide what you would do with this extra space.
  • Size of room: Loft beds are perfect for small rooms. Because it allows extra space for storage, desk, or play space for kids. But if the room is big enough, maybe it is not required to have a loft bed. Your kid will always use the ladder to get on the bed. It might be a cause of tension for you. So if it is not badly necessary, then a loft bed is not required.
  • The interest of your kid: Let your kids are mature and your house has enough high ceiling for loft bed but if your kids are not interested in it, you should not insist on them. If they do not like to sleep in a much higher place from the floor, you should not force them to do.

Benefits of using a loft bed:

While purchasing new furniture, you should know the benefits of using it. So here we present the advantages of using a loft bed:

  • Gives you extra storage facility: Space under the loft bed allows you additional space facility. It is the most popular thing about loft beds. You can fix a study desk for your kid, you may add drawers or shelves for storage, kids can play here or you can box up your kids’ toys.
  • Gives a workplace: If you are a freelancer working from home, then loft bed would be a great thing for you. You can make the space underneath your bed as a mini-office. You can set up a computer desk, lamps and work there as an office. You may make it as a personal library by adding bookshelves and study desk. Just customize what you want.
  • Adds style to your home decor: A lifted bed is always comfortable as well as classy. It gives your house a modern appearance.
  • Allows an extra sleeping spot: There are some times when you have guests at your house and you need an additional bed for them. Well, this problem can be easily solved by a loft bed. Just add another mattress under the bed and it will work. So simple.
  • Relaxing space for kids: Kids naturally want to play with toys, like to watch cartoons or like gaming. The space under the bed can work as a play zone for your kids. Here they can play video games, can do arts or can play with toys.

Precautions required in using loft bed:

Since loft beds are much higher than normal beds, kids should be careful while using it. There are some precautions:

  • There must be railing around the bed.
  • The railing should be 5 to 6 inches high.
  • On top of the bed, there should be only one person to sleep.
  • The ladder should be strong enough.
  • The ladder should have railed on both sides.
  • Kids must not play on the top of the bed.

These precautions must be followed very strictly to avoid any kind of unwanted accidents.

Loft beds are very helpful for small-sized rooms to use the whole space. As this bed uses the vertical space also, it increases efficiency. It gives facilities like storage space, study space, play space, workspace, etc. There are some drawbacks also. But apart from the pros and cons, a loft bed can be very useful furniture for your kids.

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