How to Clean The Bath Toys

Bath toys make the bath enjoyable for your baby. Your baby doesn’t remain irritated if he gets to play with the bath toys. Bath toys should be cleaned properly as your baby has close contact with them. You may think that the bath toys get cleaned every day when you bathe your baby. But you need to know how to clean the bath toys properly. The bath toys get soaked in water every day. If you don’t take the necessary steps to dry the bath toys properly, they may grow fungus, bacteria, and other microorganisms. So it’s a crying need to clean the bath toys properly.

The objective of cleaning the bath toys

  • To keep the bath toys free from microorganisms
  • Ensuring the safety of the baby as the baby has close contact with the bath toys
  • To prevent the bath toys from getting dump
  • To ensure a healthy environment for the baby

How to clean mold from a bath toy

Cleaning doesn’t require a lot of cleaning agents. You just need to be careful while cleaning.

  • Take a large bucket or tub. The bucket should be large enough to fit all the bath toys.
  • Take some bleaching powder in the bucket. And make a solution in the bucket.
  • Immerse the bath toys in the solution. Use something to push the toys deep in the bucket.
  • Ensure the exposure of the bleach in all the toys. Thus the toys will be cleaned easily.
  • Leave them overnight.
  • Remove the bath toys from the bucket and wash them properly with a brush. As a result, the bath toys will be cleaned from the molds.
  • Rinse the toys with the help of clean water.
  • Keep the bath toys in an open place and they will get dried soon.

Clean with vinegar:

Vinegar is a popular harmless natural cleaner. You can use it to prevent dirt and bacteria in your child’s bath toy.

  • Make a vinegar solution: Use two parts of warm water and one part of white vinegar. The acid present in vinegar dissolves the dirt. So you don’t need any soap to clean them. White vinegar is best as it is colourless. Also, they are less likely to leave any residue.
  • Remove excess water: Usually, the bath toys have a hole in them. For that reason, they produce sound on squeezing. Through these holes, water enters into the toys. If water is stored in the toys, they may produce fungus and microorganisms.
  • Soak the toys in vinegar solution: Soak the toys at least for 15 minutes. Vinegar solution should enter into the toys to remove the dirt.
  • Scrub the bath toys with a brush: Scrub all the surfaces of the bath toys with a brush. If a brush is not available then you can use a toothbrush. If there are some small openings on the bath toys you may face some difficulty in cleaning. In that case, you can use the tip of the brush to clean them. Ensure that all corners are properly cleaned.
  • Rinse the toys in water: Rinse the bath toys in clean water. Then let them dry in the sunlight. Or you can wipe them using a towel before using them.

Use dishwasher

Using a dishwasher is a smart way to clean bath toys. It saves both time and energy.

  • Check if the toys can endure the temperature: The dishwasher runs at a very high temperature. Because high temperature is needed to destroy bacteria and germs. Follow the label of the toys if they can withstand high temperatures.
  • Squeeze out water: Before inserting the bath toys into the dishwasher, squeeze them to remove excess water. Because the presence of water in the bath toys can increase the moisture which is not congenial for cleaning.
  • Place the toys in dishwasher rack: If the toys are too small in size then you should put them in a bag or basket. Then place them on the top of the dishwasher rack. If the bath toys are large then place them on the dishwasher rack.
  • Pour some cleaning agent:  You can add some detergent or some dishwasher capsules in the dishwasher. You can pick a cleaning agent of your choice. There are no rules in choosing a cleaning agent.
  • Choose the settings: Choose the warming cycle to dry the bath toys accurately. Some machines have an extra cycle for sterilization.  But it may cause the plastics to melt as most of the bath toys are made of plastics. So you can skip sterilization.
  • Removal of the toys: You need to remove the bath toys from the machine when the cycle is complete. After removal, you should dry them in sunlight before letting your baby use it in the bathtub.

Use Clorox bleach

Using Clorox bleach is a smart way as this will clean the bath toys not only properly but also make them germ-free.

  • Select washable toys: Select dirty toys. Make sure that the bath toys are not porous and stuffed.
  • Prep work: Wipe the bath toys with a sponge. Then keep them aside to avoid mixing with all the bath toys.
  • Make a solution: Use a half a cup of Clorox bleach in one galoon water. Then stir it properly to make a solution.
  • Soak: Pour all the washable bath toys in the solution an soak them for 5 minutes. As a result, all the toys will be free from microorganisms.
  • Scrub: Scrub all the toys properly for 5 minutes.
  • Rinse properly: Rinse the toys with warm water.
  • Place them for air-dry: Place them for air dry.

Bath toy scoop

If you are not willing to go through the lengthy procedure of cleaning the bath toys regularly, then you can have the bath toy scoop. After giving a bath to your baby, you can store the bath toys in the scoop. As a result, they will not remain wet and dump.


You should pay extra attention to keep the toys free from any kind of microorganisms. As the bath toys remain very close to your baby’s skin, your baby may suffer from skin disease if the toys are contaminated by any microorganisms. Also, the dirty toys around the baby are not good for the baby’s health.

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