Getting baby to sleep in crib

All parents have a common problem to take care of their children. That is, to get their baby to sleep in a crib. Babies do not want to sleep in a crib. They are always fond of mom’s lap, hand, or a carrier. Even if you put a sleeping baby down in a crib, instantly they wake up and start crying. Here we will discuss the cause behind it and also tips to get your baby sleeping in a crib.

Why do babies not want to sleep in a crib?

Well, let’s see where a baby was before laying on a crib. Yes, in the womb, perfect comfortable place. The womb has the perfect temperature, perfect white noise, perfect blood circulation, and perfectly calm; in a word, perfect everything was there for the baby. In comparison to that cosy environment, a crib is just a solid and cold place for them to sleep. That is why they have apathy to sleep in a crib since they do not find it as comfortable as it was a womb.

Why do babies only like to sleep on hand, lap, or a carrier?

You may have seen that babies like to sleep on your lap or hand. Even they sleep in a carrier when you are walking. But they do not like to sleep in a crib. This is like they will sleep anywhere but not in their crib.

But there are logical reasons for these. Babies like to sleep on mom’s lap or hand because of the smell of mom and temperature. Every child knows their mom by smell. And the body temperature of adults is a bit higher than babies. The smell of mom makes the baby feel safe and the temperature gives a cosy environment which finally makes them fall asleep.

Babies even like to sleep in a carrier while you are walking. Well, the logic behind this is while carrying in a carrier, the baby’s heart and your heart remain closer. He gets the rhythm of your heartbeat, which reminds you of the womb environment. Again walking gives another rhythm adding with the smell of your body gives them comfort and safety also and finally the fall in sleep.

What you should do to make baby sleep in the crib:

The first and foremost thing you need to do is make the crib comfier and make them feel the safety. Here are some tips that are given below that you must consider:

Optimum temperature:

Keep the temperature down. Some may make the room warm to get the warmth of the lap or womb. But this may backfire sometime by giving problems like pneumonia after sweating. So keep the temperature down and make the room cold enough. Use a fan or air conditioning system.

Use comfortable dresses:

As the room is cold, you need to provide that type of dress to your baby. The sleeper can be a good option. Also, keep an eye on the fabric of the sleeper combining with the temperature of the room.

Use a sleep sack or swaddle:

To ensure extra warmth and security you may use a sleep sack or swaddle for your baby. It gives a womb-like feel to your baby and that makes the feel secure enough. But be careful about using a swaddle when your little one can roll over on his belly from the back. This may be suffocating for them while rolling.

White noise machine:

All we want is to create a womb-like environment in the crib so that it feels comfortable and safe for baby. Inside the womb, there was not silent at all. There was continuous maffled and humming white noise made from blood and fluid circulation. So you can also use a white noise machine to create soothing sound inside your room.

Do not use bright light:

Bright lights may be a great problem for sleeping. Make it dark like a mother’s uterus. While you need to breastfeed your baby or change the diapers at night, use night lights or dimmed lights to do the work.

Make your baby to feel the smell:

Your smell is aware to your baby. Even while sleeping, they know you are here by your smell. You may try to sleep with their crib sheets and mattress to make those smell like you. This will allow your baby to feel safer thinking of you.

Mitigate hunger:

Hunger does not allow anyone to sleep properly. Try to feed your baby before sleep. Make sure to breastfeed once in every 3-4 hours according to the need of your baby. When the stomach is full, normally there comes drowsiness and helps in sleeping.

Use curtains at day:

Unnecessary bright sunlight is a disturbance while sleeping. Keep the windows of your house covered with heavy curtains when your baby is in daytime sleep.

Think about paints:

Colours of paint of your house have also a great impact on personality, mood, and mental development of babies. Try to use some light soothes colours. Specialists suggest some calm colours like purple, bluish or green shades. These lower the blood pressure and decrease heartbeat that truly helps in sleeping.

Give indications:

Before making them fall asleep, just do not repose him to crib. Feed them, walk some time taking him on your lap. Tell a story by whispering or sing a lullaby. These will indicate your baby that it is time for sleep.

Make a routine for sleep:

Following a bedtime routine does not mean to follow it strictly. This routine is just to make your baby adjusted to the situation. Make small naptime routines at first. Make it adjusted to the habit of your baby. When they get used to it, they will sleep on their own.

Parenting kiddo is not that easy-going matter. All things are new to learn. Always tips and ideas may not work as every baby is different from one another. Having your baby the habit of sleeping in a crib is a matter of practice for both of you. Have patience. Keep repeating everything. But do not push your child to sleep in a crib. Let him take his time.

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