Best Bath Toy Organizer

The babies enjoy a lot playing in the bathtub with the bath toys. After giving the bath to your baby, you may forget to arrange the bath toys accurately. For that reason, you will need the best bath toy organizer to get rid of this mismanagement. If you forget to keep the toys properly, there is a chance of growing microorganisms on them. As a result, the toys will be out of order soon. Also, it may cause some skin problems for the baby. So a bath toy organizer is nothing but a crying need for your baby.

Must-have features of the best bath toy organizer

  • Drainage: The bath toy organizer should have some holes. As a result, water can drain through the holes. The holes are not required to be very large. If water can easily pass through them, that’s enough. Draining of water is necessary. Otherwise, the toys will get a dump.
  • Airflow: The organizer must have the facility of proper air circulation. Because it will allow the toys to get dried soon. It will also prevent it from being dump. Proper air circulation will help in the quick drying of the toys. As a result, the toys will be safe from the attack of fungus and microorganisms.
  • Durability: The bath toy organizer should be durable enough to last long. Surely you would not like to buy a bath toy organizer too frequently.
  • Safety: The design and structure of the bath toy organizer should be child friendly. It should not be made of any materials that may cause harm to the baby. Also, there shouldn’t be anything in the bath toy organizer that may cause an accident.
  • Storage capacity: You need to choose a bath toy organizer according to your needs. If your child has a lot of bath toys then you should choose an organizer with huge storage capacity. As the main intention of the bath toy organizer is to store the bath toys.

Available bath toy organizers

  • Munchkin Quack Bath Caddy bath toy organizer: This one is made of hard plastic. So it will not cause harm to the baby. This one is also mildew resistant. Your baby can have a lot of fun with it as it allows the toys to drain. It is also easy to remove the toys when they are dry.
  • The Big Tub Cubby: If your baby has a lot of bath toys and you are confused about what to do with them. Then go for this one confidently as this one is large. It is made of mesh that allows the toys to remain dry. This organizer keeps the toys clean and free from microorganisms. It is also easy to launder the toys with the help of this organizer.
  • Boon Whale Pod Drain and Storage Bath Toy Scoop: If you are looking for something aesthetic and good looking then this one is perfect for you. This one doesn’t look like a bath toy organizer. Rather it looks like a cute toy itself. It provides drainage accurately. It also has the proper storage capacity and also has storage for the body wash and shampoo. This one is not suitable for so many toys. This one is suitable for a small number of toys. This one also reduces the risk of growing mildew in your baby’s toy. So this one is perfect for you if you are looking for a cute as well as a safe one.
  • Kangaroo Bath Toy Organizer: This cute looking one will encourage your baby to clean up his toys after his bath. This kangaroo is made of mesh and neoprene. That’s why this one is cute as well as functional. It is certified safe because it is mildew resistant and phthalate-free. It can provide storage to a large number of toys.
  • Skip Hop Moby Bath Toy Organizer:  This one is made of neoprene. This is also easily washable. It has a mesh base for quick drainage. So this one is equally preferable if you want a cute as well as a functional one. It provides a huge storage capacity. It also has the arrangement of adequate airflow.

Things to keep in mind in choosing the best bath toy organizer

  • The texture of your tiles:  If your tiles are porous then you have to choose a bath toy organizer without suction cups. Because suction cups are meant to be stuck to the flat and nonporous wall. Place your hand over the tiles. If you feel shiny and smooth surface only then you can go for the bath toy organizer with suction cups.
  • Easy removal of bath toys: Some bath toy organizers are poorly designed as the toys get stuck in them usually. So you have to choose an organizer that is spacious enough to avoid this hazard. If your bath toy organizer is large enough then bath toys will be easily removable.

Make your bath toy organizer

If you are planning to spend your time in some craftwork, then you can make a nice bath toy organizer for your baby.

  • Bath toy bag: Make a colorful spacious bag for your baby just to spend your leisure time. Hang the bag in any corner of your house and use the toys when you want to give your baby a soothing bath.
  • Homemade mesh toy bag: You can make it easily at home. It will need suction cups to be placed on the wall. It will look like it was bought from the market.


You need to remain very much careful when you buy something for your baby. Your baby is too delicate. Before buying anything for him, emphasize the safety and comfort of your baby. The best quality bath toy organizer might be costly but they ensure the safety of your baby. So don’t go for the cheap, low quality bath toy organizers.

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