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Taking the best care of a baby is one of the toughest tasks for parents. It becomes tougher for them who work outside. They cannot keep an eye on their kiddo all the time. But babies need safety and comfort. That is why parents need to use bean bags to provide complete comfort.

Usually, crib and mattress are used for kids. But are these safe enough? The bones of a baby are always under development. These are not ossified still. So the bones are softer and the joints are also not grown. If you use a hard cot, crib, and mattress these can harm your baby. You may have heard an anomaly called a flat head syndrome. This develops to babies due to using a hard surface for lying. Baby beans bags are softer, more comfortable, and cosy. It is stylish too. It has versatile uses also. Let us know about the ‘baby bean bag’.

What is a bean bag?

Bean bag is a modern structure for seating which provides very much comfort to your baby. It delivers complete support to all over the body of your child. It very cleverly spread the baby’s body weight evenly all over the beans and avoid pressurizing on a fixed point. Thus, there does not develop any ache or pain. This seat very evenly molds to the spine, limbs, and muscles. So there does not cause any developmental anomaly like flat head syndrome.

Is it safe to use a bean bag for babies?

Some may aware of the safety of using a bean bag for babies. Yes, it is a matter of question that it is safe or not. Well, there could be some hazards like inhaling or engulfing the microbeads or the beans are used inside. Another one is, the baby could be fallen from the bean bag. Manufacturers at present have taken the proper initiatives to solve those problems.

Stripes have been used to keep your baby in the position. And the zipper that is used to keep the beans inside the bag is now hidden. So babies will not find it to open up. The fabrics are also strong enough so that babies cannot rip them off.

These security measures have made the bean bag safer than ever. You can unworriedly use the bean bags for your babies.

Advantages of using a bean bag:

Let us know the pros and advantages of using a bean bag other than a couch or sofa.

  • More comfortable: Bean bags are way too much comfortable than any other furniture. As it can mold itself according to your body shape and disperse the whole weight of your body evenly, it allows the ultimate comfort.
  • Affordable: One of the most important things is cost. Bean bags are cheaper than those of other furniture. You can easily afford it.
  • Easy cleaning: Bean bags have removable covers. You can easily unzip it and simply wash it. No need to dry wash or vacuum cleaning.
  • Easily portable: Another efficient side of the bean bag is portability. It’s lightweight allows it to move very easily. It can be used outside also. Its gesture can be changed into different configurations according to your comfort.
  • Fun and stylish: Bean bags are very stylish as they are available in different colours, shapes, and patterns. It reflects your taste of choices. It is so flexible that to children, it is like a fun chair.

The advantages above cannot be found together in any other furniture. Those make it more unique.

Disadvantages of using a bean bag:

As there are always two sides to a coin, bean bags also have some disadvantages.

  • Not easily disposable: The EPS polystyrene beads used as a bean in a bean bag are not biodegradable. So it is tough to dispose of those off after use.
  • Not very durable: Comparing to other sitting furniture like couch or sofa, bean bags are not that much durable. The fabric may be torn out easily.
  • It could be hazardous for kids in some cases: If strips are not used for baby protection, then it may be dangerous for babies. Kids may be injured by falling from bean bags.

These were the cons or disadvantages of using a bean bag.

Bean bag’s pattern:

It is not hard to make a bean bag at home. It may take at best 30 minutes to sew a bag. Here I share a sewing pattern to easily make a bean bag for your baby.

Materials: Two pieces of different colour fabrics, a 22” zipper, 3.5 cubic feet of bean bag filling or microbeads.


  1. Cut off the fabric piece into 45”×32”.
  2. Along the length, use a zigzag stitch to avoid fraying on both sides. Then use a straight stitch.
  3. Fold the fabrics in half breadthwise.
  4. From any one side, cut off 6” of fabric making a curve.
  5. Open the fold. Now you will get a symmetrical semi-circular like a curve on one side. Sew it up with a zigzag stitch and then a straight stitch.
  6. There remains an open end. Install the 22” zipper here by sewing.
  7. Now it gets a bag like an appearance. Fill this bag with the beans. About 3.5 cubic feet or 100 liters of beans are needed here for full comfort.
  8. Install a stripe on both sides for safety measures as babies are going to use it.

Making of the bean bag is finished. As there are two different coloured fabrics are used, you can use both sides. These fabrics are washable just pull out the microbeads and wash the covering.

There might be risks using a bean bag. But it allows advantages like comfort, low cost, therapeutic benefits, increase blood circulations, decrease the risk of a developmental anomaly of kids, etc.

 All babies deserve a snug spot where they may comfort as they want. Baby bean bags allow them to do it. So to make a comfortable sitting place, use a bean bag at your house.

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